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Wood Fired Coil Kit

Wood Fired Coil Kit

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Wood Fired Hot Tub Coil Kit 

Our coil kit can be attached to your own tub to convert it into a wood fired hot tub. Everything is included for quick and easy installation, all you need is a power drill and the tub. 

Wine barrel hot tub

Powerful Heating Performance

The Coil Kit is powerful and efficient for quick heating times. 

Average Heating Time to 40C (104F):  

500L Uninsulated Tub - 1.5 hours 

800L Uninsulated tub - 2 hours 

1,000L Insulated tub - 1.5 hours 

1,500L Insulated tub - 2.5 hours 

2,000L Insulated tub - 3 hours 

Woof burning spa

No Electricity Needed! But How?

You only need two things to work your wood fired hot tub: water and wood. As the water is heated in the coil it begins to rise (hot water rises just like hot air). The water follows the spiral of the coil up and back out into the tub. Cold water from the bottom of the tub is sucked into the bottom inlet of the coil which starts a steady flow without a pump. This scientific phenomenon is called thermosyphon. 

Stainless steel hot tub coil

Quick and Easy Installation


Installing the Coil Kit to your tub takes about 20 minutes and the only tool you need is a power drill. Simply drill two holes in the side of your tub, screw in our universal through wall ports and connect the coil using the easy to connect fittings. The video below shows a quick overview of the installation process. 

BBQ Grill Functionality 

 Place a grill, hot plate or large wok over the coil to enjoy flame grilled food while the tub heats up. 

wood fired hot tub bbq grill 

What's Included 

Stainless Steel Heating Coil 
Fire Resistant Hoses 
Universal Through Wall Ports 
Quick Connect Fittings 
Hot tub water heater

What's Not Included 

A Tub 
Power drill (to drill holes for installation)

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