How does the water circulate?

Our tubs work without electricity. As the water is heated in the coil it begins to rise (hot water rises just like hot air). The water follows the spiral of the coil up and back out into the tub. Cold water from the bottom of the tub is sucked into the bottom inlet of the coil which starts a steady flow. This scientific phenomenon is called thermosyphon and it is how The Salty Barrel circulates water without a pump.

How do you regulate the water temperature? 

Once you reach your desired temperature stop adding wood to the fire and allow the hot coals to maintain the temperature. Any temperature change happens slowly so there is plenty of time to react if the water starts getting too hot or too cold.

How do you fill it?

The tub can be filled in many different ways. The easiest way is by using a tap and a garden hose, but this isn't always an option. When in the wild using buckets is the simplest option, it takes three people about 20 minutes to fill using three buckets. A small water pump can also be used for easy filling. We recommend the Ryobi One+ transfer pump, it is battery powered and fills the tub in about half an hour. When filling from a river you can syphon water without a pump. Place one end of your hose in a part of the river that is higher than the tub and the other end in the tub. The water will flow down the hose naturally and fill the tub.

Can you use BBQ gas to heat it?

Yes! You can use a propane forge burner instead of a wood fire to heat the tub.