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The Salty Barrel | Portable Wood Fired Hot Tub

The Salty Barrel | Portable Wood Fired Hot Tub

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A Hot Tub You Can Take Anywhere 

Are you ready for the ultimate outdoor experience? With The Salty Barrel you can soak surrounded by whichever natural landscape you choose. Set it up with your friends at the beach, on a mountainside at sunset or at your remote campground. Wherever your adventures take you, The Salty Barrel is ready to go.

Surf beach hot tub

Easy Portability 

The Salty Barrel is the most portable hot tub on earth! It easily fits in the boot of a small car. The entire package only weighs 27kg and it comes with a carry bag for easy transport to any destination.

Portable camping hot tub

No Electricity Needed! But How?

You only need two things to work your Salty Barrel: water and wood. As the water is heated in the coil it begins to rise (hot water rises just like hot air). The water follows the spiral of the coil up and back out into the tub. Cold water from the bottom of the tub is sucked into the bottom inlet of the coil which starts a steady flow without a pump. This scientific phenomenon is called thermosyphon. 

wood burning tub heater

Design, Durability and Materials 

The Salty Barrel is built tough, we designed it with rough outdoor use in mind. Our heating coils are made from stainless steel and our tubs are made using heavy duty tarpaulin. All of the materials used are fire resistant and made to operate at high temperatures. 

Camping with a portable spa on snowy mountain

More Than a Hot Tub

Your Salty Barrel is an awesome place to spend time with family and friends. Four adults can comfortably soak in the tub whilst others sit around the fire. You can cook over our heating coil with a wok or BBQ grill to enjoy flame grilled food out in the wild.  

Wood burning spa in front of farm house

What’s Included 

Portable Tub 
Stainless Steel Heating Coil 
Fire Resistant Hoses 
Quick Connect Fittings
Tub Lid
60L Dry Bag
Carry Bag

Portable off grid spa

What’s Not Included 
Gas Burner (optional)
Extra insulation (optional)


Size: The Salty Barrel is a 4 person hot tub. It is 150cm (5ft) in diameter and 60cm in height.

Weight: The total packed weight is only 27kg (59lbs). Everything packs down into our easy to transport carry bag. 

Heating time: About 2 hours when the air temperature is 15C and 2 - 3 hours when the air temperature is between 0C (snow) and 15C. Using an insulating ground mat improves heating time, especially in cold conditions. 

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